The 80/20 Principle

Online Training

By: Hubert Clark Crowell 2020

This online training course will use the 80/20 method of learning. Study the 20% that relates to your circumstances, for an 80% or better improvement in you life or business.

Mission Statement

Provide the tools and training based on Christian principles free to anyone willing to step up to the challenge of the twenty-first-century and make an impact on business and community. To place Christians in high places by providing management and leadership training.

Course Description

The 80/20 principle will be explored and studied using the book, The 80/20 Principle by: Richard Koch ISBN 0-385-49174-3. This online course is free, however it is recommended that you purchase the book and read the section referred to in each training session. You will not be required to cover all the material in this course, only the 20% that relates to you.

Course Objectives

The student should demonstrate through online questions their understanding of the 80/20 principle and that they have the ability to:


The 80/20 Principle by: Richard Koch

Course Outline


Course Requirements

Grading Procedure

On line tests with each section.

Ability to retest as often as needed.

Grades are not recorded.

No Credit will be given for this course, only the Benefit of the 80/20 mind set.

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My thanks to Richard Koch for granting me permission to use parts of his book for this course.