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Work Place and Wealth

Work related articles are drawn from experences I have had over the past 50 years of working in many fields. I hope that some may benefit from the experences shared on these pages.

Working With Volunteer Help

If your organization uses or depends on volunteers, then you have many challenges. We need volunteers and people want to feel needed. It is a wonderful and rare thing when two needs can be satisfied at the same time.

How To Retire

It is never too late to plan for retirement, set a goal that takes into account inflation. Stay diversified with property and mutual funds and avoid "get rich quick" schemes. Have plans to deal with the mental challenge of retirement as well as the financial challenge.

Running Mate Program for Churches

First time visitors or employees can be overwhelmed and discouraged their first day on the job or their first visit to a new church. They should be more than just welcomed when they first arrive. A Running Mate to guide them through the new environment would provide countless benefits later on.

The Million Dollar Challenge

I have entered CNBC's Million Dollar Challenge, a 10-week contest to see who can invest a million dollars the best. My plan is to use the 80/20 Principle to pick the best performing stocks for my portfolio with an added edge, forward view.

Financial Fitness Test

I have been reading The Total Money Make Over by Dave Ramsey ISBN-13: 978-0-752-8908-1, and thought it would be interesting to set up a self test for your financial fitness. See where you score.

The Three Top Investments

The S&P 500 Index has an average annual return of over 15% during the past five years and this is no doubt a good investment. However it might surprise you that it is not among the top three.

Producing Wealth

Earning wealth is very misleading, we earn money not wealth. Wealth is much more than money, it is everything, a state of mind, it is something that cannot be measured.

What about Wealth

Of an estimated 119,000 tons of gold mined from historical times through 1995, about 15% is believed to have been lost, used in industrial uses, or otherwise unrecoverable or unaccounted for. Of the remaining 102,000 tons, an estimated 35,000 tons are official stocks held by central banks, and about 67,000 tons are privately held as coin, bullion, and jewelry.

Getting out of Debt

Deciding to get out of debt is the first step, how to get of debt is the second step. The only way to get out of debt short of winning the lottery is to have more income than expenses. If this is not the case then something has got to change!

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