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Fishing under the Bridge

The two of us sat there for hours, talking and watching our corks. The night was quiet with an occasional car passing over the bridge above.

My friend John Wallace

John knew how to listen to others and encourage others to do more.

A Special Person

Have you ever known a person who works hard, volunteers without question and seeks no recognition?

What Uncle Dan taught me "How to Win at Checkers"

When I was twelve, my Uncle Dan Clark, lived with us for a while. He not only showed me how to be unbeaten in checkers but also how to play chess.

Trust, We Live By It

We live in a world that is full of trust. As we hear more about all things that we should do to protect our identity and checking accounts, I began to think about the many times each day that we trust someone else.

Miracle Pill

I know you have seen those pharmaceutical adds on TV, I would like to tell you about one I call my Miracle Pill.

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