July 2, 2006 Trip to Pettyjohn Cave by: Jon McCutchen and company

Hey. I'm still having a bit of trouble reading the map. We took a copy with us this trip and it was immensely helpful finding new places to explore ( like the right hook off the entrance passage - I didn't even know that existed until I saw it on the map.) But, after we made it through the pancake squeeze I got a bit confused. As soon as we could sit up and rest, we did. At the far corner of the room we could actually stand - some guy we spoke to referred to a small depression there as "the toilet" whether he gave it that name or not, I don't know, but it sure smelled like one. We saw the small passage to the right but did not take it (I assume this is the one that goes to the flat room?) and continued straight into a good sized room where we could stand. On the left side there was a pit that appeared to go nowhere so we continued straight. Was this the raccoon room?

At the far end of the room it slanted down into a crawl space that led off to the right. I'm guessing that less down to the stream passage - but I'm just guessing! I tried to look at the map but I couldn't tell for sure. We certainly would have found out if we'd gone on in, but I was too tired to go farther. Also, the 'toilet' guy mentioned a place called the fat man squeeze - which he described as a vertical crack we had to go through to get to a waterfall. I didn't see a crack. (?) Any advice?

Please don't be offended - I'm not putting the map down - I'm just showing my lack of experience in reading a cave map. I know it will get easier as I get used to it - and I certainly understand the map where we've already explored.

I'm sending a few shots - and I have oodles more.

uhhh...as soon as I figure out how...

Thanks man. -Jon-