Trees, Bees and Weeds 25 Poems. Click on image to order.
Trees, Bees and Weeds 25 Poems. Click on image to order.

Young and Confident

The day Susan got married it rained on their outdoor wedding.
Would this day she had looked forward to for so long,
be a disaster or the happiest day of her life with bells ringing?
She had missed Frank as he served in Iraq, hard to believe he was home.
She looked forward to a new life with this cowboy from Wyoming.

It had been a long wait for a seventeen year old, but now the day had come.
So many letters that no doubt kept him strong to return to his love.
The garden was trimmed, fountain cleaned, roses planted by her mom.
The family home for generations and the garden they loved.
Her mother, grandmother, great grandmother too were married here.

Now the garden was empty, flowers all wet, with ribbons drooping.
The ceremony would be in a cold drab tent on the front lawn instead.
But her faith was strong, this was her day so no more crying.
The smiles, sound of rain, familiar faces and smell of fresh bread,
A joke by the preacher, laughter, A kiss, the perfect wedding!

The ceremony over as they ran through the rain, back to the house to change.
The party had started and the dance floor ready in the huge tent next door.
Everything went well, though not what she had planned, a few minor changes.
Now all was well as Frank held her in his arms around the dance floor.
The day Susan got married, became a beautiful occasion.

--Hubert Crowell

2010 Hubert C. Crowell