Trees, Bees and Weeds 25 Poems. Click on image to order.
Trees, Bees and Weeds 25 Poems. Click on image to order.

The Sun Porch

Back porch, New Discoveries

The odor of a fresh cut dog wood, drifts in from the yard.
A whiff of spilled gas, from the old lawn mower.
This cold front coming with a smell, catches us off guard.
Roses still blooming, bring in the sweet scent of a flower.
And then there is a scent, I can't identify, like old wood,
or maybe the brick and mortar on the side of the house.
Or strong earthy aroma of coffee, maybe I misunderstood,
like the wood and rock of an old boathouse.
Now as I take a break, The smell of fresh cut grass,
Fills the porch, even behind all the doors of glass.

The rug has a texture that tickles my feet.
The carpet squares smoothing effect, but not quite soft,
then step on the loose woven rug and I can feel the pleat.
The discomfort of my arm on the wicker, best not scoff.
The feel of the wicker furniture is comfort to the touch.
This is a porch after all, with the warmth of the sun,
through the skylight, to remove a chill is a bit much.
A breeze through the sliding glass doors is more fun.
Rusty's warm body I feel as he snuggles in close.
The stick legs of wicker, feels good to my feet, I suppose.

A low hum of an air conditioner, off in the distance.
Stirring of the hot tub, making bubbling sounds.
Drone of a plane straining, but quite persistence.
All man made sounds, I tune out on these grounds.
A breeze through the trees, dried leaves being blown,
like an orchestra warming up, background music to my ears.
The rustle of small feet, as Rusty dreams of his bone.
Words on a phone, someone she hasn't spoken to in years.
A repeating chirp, a sigh from Rusty, someone with a saw making repairs,
A bark, katydid singing, clock chimes to remind me of my prayers.

Light brown shining curtains, on each side of the blinds,
move with the wind when all the glass doors are open.
Brown wicker chair, rocker and love seat to relax the mind.
All painted brown, matching the rugs my wife had chosen.
Black rug and brown leaves, black cushions with orchid and leaves.
Black wrought iron end table, with lamp to match,
black candle holders, with a monkey hanging under the eaves.
Screens give a soft mat to the blooms in the flower patch.
Candles leaning, slightly melted, corn plant against brick.
Board games under coffee table invite you to come and pick.

A cup of roasty coffee, as I sit on the porch to write.
Enjoying my toast and honey before I go out.
Thoughts of the chicken and noodles from last night,
lemon chicken, lemon pepper noodles, brussel sprouts,
black pepper for kick, lemon for tartness.
Leftover birthday carrot cake topped with vanilla ice cream.
Dinner on the sun porch, just before darkness.
My wife is great and her cooking is supreme.
A glass of red berry like wine on the porch to end the day.
Welcome to our own outdoor cafe!

--Hubert Crowell

Photo by: Hubert Crowell

2010 Hubert C. Crowell