Trees, Bees and Weeds 25 Poems. Click on image to order.
Trees, Bees and Weeds 25 Poems. Click on image to order.

The Poetry Course

As my wife read what I thought was inviting.
She suggested I take a course on writing.
An online course seem to be exciting.
A course I could take in the evening.

I write for fun and to keep mentally sharp.
It's a challenge and maybe even an art.
To make the words rhyme from the heart.
I gave it my all, right from the start.

I try to tell a story keeping it short.
Pick a subject or maybe a sport.
And hope that it gets a good report.
A six week course to make a poet of sorts.

Now that the class is over I am quite confused,
of making each line rhyme I am accused,
the class enjoyed my writing and were amused,
stopping each line with a period I did abuse.

Sandra provided great comments
Rebecca encouraged me to keep the rhymes
Kay gave me help with my poems
Heather enjoys playing the fiddle same as I
Eve-Lynn will become a great poet, hope she shares
Kristy is taking up a publishing career
Brittaney is starting college
Judy may become a journalist
Stephanie, I enjoyed It Comes In Waves
Michele, you summed it up in Occupations
Shannon, where did you go?

Melody, Think you for your time,
thoughts, and patience with us,
you have been a great teacher and kept us on track.

--Hubert Crowell

2010 Hubert C. Crowell