Trees, Bees and Weeds 25 Poems. Click on image to order.
Trees, Bees and Weeds 25 Poems. Click on image to order.

Kentucky, My First Home

As you travel from Stopover to Sassafras Ridge,
You can see rivers, caves and the Natural Bridge.
Town names can tell a lot about what people want to be.
Lovely, Happy, Hope, Joy, Ordinary, Subtle, and Honey Bee,
These were Indian hunting grounds with plenty of game.
The buffalo are gone but the hunting is good just the same.

From Middlesboro to Mayesville, blue grass, mountains and rolling hills.
With names like Apex, Deploy, Nebo, Clay, Eba, Weir, and Fruit Hill.
From Hopkinsville to Henderson many coal mines produce high yields.
Born in east Kentucky and a miner's son in the coal fields.
There are green forest, hills and plains from Hazel to Siloam.
When the country was wild, here mountain lion and buffalo roamed.

Kentucky gave us our first western president, Abraham Lincoln.
Also explored by brave men like Boone, Crockett, and Keaton.
By river and mountain passes they came, naming towns on the go,
like Moscow, Bagdad, Naples, Madrid, Bethlehem, and Glasgow.
Traveling from Canada to Sidney, will take you only a minute,
To go from Moscow to Majestic may take four hundred and twenty.

Fishing on the Green and Ohio rivers along the sand bars.
Nights hunting possum and camping in the woods under the stars.
Hunting squirrel, quail, ducks and rabbit, will keep a boy busy.
Holding the tails while dad skinned the game made me dizzy.
Summer breaks spent with dad doing the chores at the mine,
filling dummy bags, picking rock, mending cables and staying in line.

--Hubert Crowell

Photo by: Hubert Crowell

2010 Hubert C. Crowell