Blue Skies of August 27 Poems. Click on image to order.
Blue Skies of August 27 Poems. Click on image to order.

How Old Am I

When I was a child it was not a problem,
each year all I had to do was add one,
people were always asking how old you were.
Now that I'm much older I am only asked about once a year.
let's see in forty two I was one,
so now I must be only sixty eight!
When my headstone reads 1941 - 2041, will they say he lived
to be one hundred or will they say he lived passed his ninety nine birthday?
Met my neighbor getting the mail, I discussed
my problem and he asked when I was born,
oh, he said, your a year older than I am,
I'm sixty eight and I was born in forty two!
I woke this morning on my birthday, still not sure of my age.
Was I sixty seven or sixty eight last year
my wife says, you go through this every year,
your always a year older than me.
But on my first birthday I was only one,
and that was in forty two.
At diner I brought up the question again,
My mother-in-law who keeps up with everyone's age
would help me out! Your a year older than Kathy
and Charlie is two years older than her,
and he is seventy. So you must be sixty nine.
She was no help, I've lost a year,
They gave me a birthday party at work,
the question was, well Hubert, how old are you?
Sixty eight, I think, when were you born?
Nineteen forty one, well this is two thousand and ten,
do the math, your sixty nine.
I give up, 2010 - 1941 = 69 what ever happen to sixty eight,
It may be all because of a lie I told at sixteen.
A big lie, I said that I was seventeen!
You see at sixteen I ran away and joined the army.
You had to be seventeen to join. So smart as I am,
I thought, to lie about a few months is going to be
hard to remember, so just make it a full year!
After my service, when we got married I was only twenty,
not twenty one as required by the state of Florida.
We thought about going to Georgia were my age would not be a problem.
But I had discharge papers that proved that I was twenty one!
Oh, how lies can cause so much trouble, years later,
with my birth certificate I corrected my drivers license
and now was back on track a year younger!
Now you can see how confused I am when someone
pops up with the questions - how old are you?
I'll never know, maybe next year I will remember,
subtract one from the year, add fifty and subtract two thousand.
Time to pickup my grandson from school today,
I am going to help him out with his math!

--Hubert Crowell

2010 Hubert C. Crowell