Blue Skies of August 27 Poems. Click on image to order.
Blue Skies of August 27 Poems. Click on image to order.

Exploring Pumphouse Cave

A Sestina Poem

On my cousin's land, there is a cave, it's entrance tight,
their abundant water source, which never goes down.
I crawled under the pump house and what a surprise I found,
explored to the end of a long narrow lake, with only a small light.
All alone, did I make a mistake? Pushing forward with all my might,
I could have been stuck in mud thick, sticky and brown.

Now it was time to explore the cave, turning their drinking water brown.
We three crawled through the entrance, moving rocks so it wouldn't be so tight,
moving quickly through the cold water, stirring it up a might.
The roof was low, close to the water, we waded on, all bent down.
On this trip felt well prepared, food, water and three sources of light,
like going to the moon, no one knew what was ahead or maybe found.

At the end of the lake, excitement grew, we're first, no tracks found!
We climbed into a passage, leaving the stream and discovered a stalagmite lonely and brown.
Climb up or continue ahead, seeking a passage with our lights,
We choose to move ahead, saving the climb because it was tight,
squeezing through a slit into the bottom of a pit with no way down.
Feet, hands stretched to the sides, pushing and pulling upward with all our might,

over the ledge. Emerging into a large room, met with a strong odor that might
be sulfur. Searching for the source, none could be found.
We explored and mapped westward, located a hole going down,
wiggling through, feet first, over bones of an animal no longer brown.
Pushing through a small round tunnel that was getting tight,
then suddenly, a large formation appeared in our lights.

Gave it a name, Clark Columns, strong like grandfather, now shining in our light,
it stood with two strong arms, holding the roof with all it's might.
The room had several leads to follow, some walking, some tight.
The passage we choose, was low with the longest Soda Straws to be found,
hanging long and hollow, the size of a straw gleaming pale brown.
Around a corner, another room with a nice blue pool, only a few steps down.

We've only started to explore the cave with all it's climbs, up and down,
months of exploring lay ahead, as each new discovery comes to light.
Exiting the cave, we're leaving their drinking water nice and brown.
Two miles of passage for this Tennessee cave, and it might
give up more of it's secrets if the right explorer can be found.
Some unknown passage may lead a far, for now Pumphouse Cave holds her secrets tight.

Exploring caves dark and brown, you sometimes struggle with all your might,
to keep you footing and not fall down. Not everyone can enter the dark and leave the light.
We love to explore, we cavers found, places dark and wet, deep, cold and tight.

Sestina ~Hubert Crowell

2010 Hubert C. Crowell