Blue Skies of August 27 Poems. Click on image to order.
Blue Skies of August 27 Poems. Click on image to order.

A Small Spinning Ball

Stars shining like diamonds, for our last walk of the night.
Clear as glass this dome our sky, a small round object just to my right,
soft like a bright new marble, lonely, a lovely sight.
No moon in the sky to block the stars shining so bright.

Thoughts come to mind of when I could see the milky way.
Now blocked by glowing street lights, for which we pay.
It's late, if I were younger, I would be tempted to stay,
and watch the heavens move like children at play.

Venus, there to my right, so bright and very small,
like a peep hole at the end of a long dark hall.
How small like you, we are on this spinning ball.
I used to watch all the stars, hoping that one would fall.

Now as I gaze, in awe, at all Your hands have made.
I wonder if, in time, their light will ever fade.
With all the storms, our sun has displayed,
help us to be strong, and not to be afraid.

Will we be able in the future to see,
all the stars and planets that came to be?
How will we travel across such a vast sea.
Will we be a spirit and not have our bodies?

But then You tell us we'll get a new glorified body.
That will not grow old, perfect and not shoddy.
Then we will travel through the heavens so calmly,
Looking back on earth, a small spinning ball, so lonely.

--Hubert Crowell

Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech

2010 Hubert C. Crowell