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Federal Old - Age & Survivors Insurance Trust Fund

Is there or is there not a Social Security Fund?

The National Debt

On November 3rd 2009 the National Debt reached 12 Trillion Dollars. As I tried to grasp this number an get an understanding of it, I could not. I then decided to reduced the numbers down to something that I could understand.

A Census every three years?

At what point is you right to privacy violated with census questions? The Constitution does not specifically mention a right to privacy. However, Supreme Court decisions over the years have established that the right to privacy is a basic human right.

Election Day December 5, 2006

We could show our appreciation to the dedicated poll workers by at least stopping by during the day and saying thanks. There will be no lines, The workers will be bored and eager to have a visitor or two, even if you donít vote.

Another Perspective On Iraq

The question should not be, should we remain in Iraq, but how can we help Iraq establish a non- aggressive self rule. We as a nation have quickly forgotten why we are in Iraq.

RFID Solution to Counterfeit Products

RFID, Radio Frequency Identification of products and the Internet makes it possible to insure that any single product can only be sold once. Cryptography is not necessary to insure that a once only sold item is not a counterfeit.

Lt. General Peter Chiarelli's View of Iraq

As I listened to the live interview this morning, (December 8, 2006), with the commander of the Multinational Force in Iraq, I was impressed with the progress made and the plans for 2007. Several points that the General stressed made very good common sense.

Tricks used by Gas Companies to get your Business

Paying the bills for a church with large utility bills can be a challenge when trying to save money. Recently when I received a sales call from one of the local gas companies trying to get our business, I learned about a trick they use.

Global Warming, the Facts

Temperature change is a normal occurrence on the changing earth that we live on.

Global Warming-Do We Understand the Changes?

We should all be thankful for Global Warming, If all the burning of fossil fuels over the past 1300 years had not kept the temperature up, we would have been in another ice age by now. It looks like that there is a tug of war going between the cycle of ice ages and the influence that humans caused. If you stabilized our planet to the known mean temperature for the past that we know of, we would be living in a continuous ice age. I for one prefer the current warm climate with all the storms and rising sea levels to another ice age.

Medicare, so you think we live in a free country?

I have recently gone on Medicare, which by the way I had no choice as my insurance company would have dropped me. I received a Medicare Summary Notice of one of my doctor visits and was shocked. The doctor charged $195.00 for the visit and Medicare cut it to $94.21, of which I was to pay 20%. The doctor took a loss of $100.79!

A News worthy day!

It could have been the fact that I had the flu and had to lie around all day and watch the news, but by the end of the day I commented to my wife, there sure seemed like there was a lot going on today.

Bridge to Nowhere

I listened to Governor Sarah Palin give her acceptance speech for the Republican Vice Presidential candidate and was very impressed. I was watching on GPB TV and at the end of her speech Mark Shields made a comment that she had not told the truth about the Bridge to Nowhere. This disturbed me and I did some research on the subject.

View of the economy from below

This is just my view of the economy as someone who tries to live within our means.

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