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Welcome to CAPS!
Cave Mapping Software

Hubert Crowell
Author of CAPS
CAve maPS

Download Free copy of CAPS

Pettyjohn Cave Explore Online animation created with Google SketchUp. Model created with CAPS.
Pettyjohn Cave Explore Online A major north west Georgia cave.

Watch this spot for cave mapping software updates. Now released, a FREE version 6.0.8 [4.21 MB] of CAPS. No registeration is required, but will be accepted.
Example on left is the latest new feature of CAPS, You can select the line width of the survey line to change with the width of the passage.
CAPS 6.0.0 is a Windows 95-2000-ME-Xp Version. All features are now enabled with CAPS.


You can now Import Auriga Palm OS database files (PDB).
You can distribute you maps with CAPS and the data cannot be changed unless the user enters their name as a registered user of CAPS, so that others can view your cave.

This is a complete installation, you can also download a self-executable zip file, capszip.exe Ver 6.0.8 [4.25 MB].

Download the compressed EXE file only CAPSexe.exe Ver 6.0.8 (226 KB), and execute to unzip file. This is the exe file only for CAPS, place in your caps directory and execute to unzip. You can download this smaller file if you have previously installed WinCAPS or CAPS.

Download the compressed help file only CAPShlp.exe (812 KB), and execute to unzip file. This is the help file only for CAPS, place in your caps directory and execute to unzip.

Download the compressed Sample Cave files only Samples.exe (108 KB), and execute to unzip file. These are Sample caves only, WinKarst, Auriga and CAPS data files to import into CAPS, place in your caps directory and execute to unzip.

CAPS can be used without registration by just entering your name. If you have any question just sent me an E-mail

New in CAPS

Version 6.0.8 added import routine for Auriga pdb files.

Version 6.0.0 has improved export of DXF files with the option of exporting only the survey line if desired. DXF file can be imported into Google Sketch.

Version 6.0.0 is FREE and you can still enter your name as a user so that your name will be saved on the updated cave files.

With Version 5.1.0 You can add Labels to the map, with any font size for each label.

With Version 5.0.4 A Tool bar was added. Quick drawing of sides using line width equal to the left+right distance.

JPG files are now supported as well as BMP files.

Digital Cross Sections. With new laser range finders now becoming available at lower prices, it has become practical to create digital 3D cross sections with spray shots within a room. The latest version of WinCAPS will let you enter this data as a text file and display the room in the same way that pictures and text are displayed, by clicking on the map. When a room is being displayed, it can be resized, rotated, moved, and edited or added to. You start from an existing survey station and enter as many spray shots as needed, then shoot to a new base station within the room and repeat the process. This allows you to create the entire room in 3D, as well as rocks and formations within the room. Save as many files of rooms as needed with the station number as the file name.

Download the source code for Digital Cross Sections. This Visual Basic 5.0 code can be used as a stand alone program or used in your own software. This code is freeware, except for the logo icon.

Explore mode has been added to WinCAPS to allow you to create your own game of Explore. You will be able to insert pictures with hot spots, as the explorer clicks on the hot spots they will move from one picture to another exploring the cave. Only the passages that have been explored can be view. You will also be able to create hot spots with text to tell about the cave. You will be able to password lock your cave file so that the explorer must explore the cave in order to view the map. ( This feature is now enabled in the above version. )

You can now import SMAPS and WinKarst cave files. The DXF export scale was also corrected. Other minor bugs corrected.

Register CAPS on-line now! If you are currently a registered CAPS user, send me an E-mail and I will keep you updated on the latest improvements to CAPS.

If you have any questions Please ask the Author by sending me an E-mail.

Movie clip of March 18th 1972 discovery in Grassy Cove Saltpeter Cave, Cumberland County, Tennessee
Movie clip of DevilStep Hollow Cave, Cumberland County, Tennessee
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